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Young Che linh


A little bit about Che Linh ...


Young Che linh
Young Che linh

Real name is Luu Van Lien AKA Che Linh. Born 1942 village Huu Duc, District An Phuoc, Province Ninh Thuan (Phan Rang).

In 1958, when Che Linh was 16 years old, an event had changed the life of this young man from Champa. The President Ngo Dinh Diem had forbidden teaching Cham language in the Cham villages, a prestige language considered as a second language since the Bao Dai’s era.

This discrimination toward the minority group created a lot of conflicts , confrontations, fights between the Champa and the Kinh inhabitants. When the Champa citizens came to town, they were stopped and being prosecuted heavily.  Che Linh has been injured on several incidents however. The Vietnamese Government ignored these incidences and was not a bit concerned about it.

Che Linh moving to Saigon was considered his first escape. Traveling to an unknown and unfamiliar place, with no relatives and no friends to turn to. Disgust with the presidential ruling of President Ngo Dinh Diem, and a lot of patriotism for his people.

Fortunately, Che Linh found a small job with a respected employer.  After nine months , Che Linh decided to go back to school. He attend Bo De and later to Nguyen Cong Tru.

1960-1961: First time entering the musical industry.


Let the music begin...

Biet Chinh Bien Hoa Musical Group was selecting new singers to entertain the far-away village in the province of Bien Hoa. 

Che Linh participated and won first prize. Not considering singing as a career at the time, but only because the pay is considerably high.  Two years later, the group faded and dissolved and Che Linh became a driver for heavy construction organization in Bien Hoa.  The love for music and as a hobby, Che Linh continues to learn the music, train his voice and composed several songs. Che Linh's musical career strongly excelled, and his first two songs were born: "Dem buon tinh le” and “Dem buoc co don”

Recognizing that music is the shortest way to bring understanding between the Viet and the Chams and all the other ethnic groups, Che Linh promised to continue and excel in the musical industry. With his effort and talents, Che Linh became a famous star and had sang together with many Artists such as Anh Ngọc, Duy Khánh, Thái Thanh, Thanh Thúy, Minh Hiếu, Tùng Lâm. Continental Productions produced his first record, "Vùng Biển Trời Và Màu Áo Em”.  Che Linh then signed with several Viet Nam Record Companies.

A few experiences and success in his entertainment life:

1964-1965: produced and wrote many songs.

1972: Awarded by Kim Khánh for Best Male Artist/Vocal which was organized by the Daily Newspaper Trang Den. The Government of South Vietnam then forbid Che Linh's voice and songs during the summer war period.

1975: Che Linh hoping to have his music released from the forbidden list however, he was jailed as a war revolutionary at Song Mao, then My Duc.

1978: Released from prison 28 months later.

1980: Escaped to Malaysia and later settled in Canada where he now resides in Toronto.


Present: performing, singing and writing music ... 

Chelinh Guitar BW.jpg
Chelinh Guitar BW.jpg
Chelinh Toronto.jpg
Chelinh Guitar BW.jpg

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